This iOS app allows customers to control their indoor units controlled by legacy centralized controllers (EB-50, AE-200, AE-50, AG-150, or GB-50ADA) on a local Wi-Fi network. It has been replaced by the Integrated Centralized Control Web (ICCW) with the new centralized controllers (AE-200A, AE-50A, EW-50A) to work on PC Web browser, Tablet, and smart phone. The smart phone access control requires the purchase of the license SW-PWeb. Please see the AE-200A page for more details. **meZO app is upgrading to Zone Control app. Current installations of meZO will not be affected. Your location data will remain when you update to Zone Control. If you have any support requests for meZO or Zone Control, please email them to**

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App Note 3015 Zone Control